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Trueway farms Multi Flora Natural Honey

Trueway farms Multi Flora Natural Honey

Trueway farms’s honey is 100% raw, natural, unfiltered and unprocessed honey. We don’t heat or pasteurize it. It is rich in all beneficial nutrients, enzymes, pollen, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Trueway farms Natural Honey is collected by professional beekeepers, who are experienced and well trained in the extraction of Raw Honey from Honeycombs. The beekeeper has a very good understanding of bees. He looks after proper food and water arrangements for the bees, proper medical care and freedom to express the normal behaviour of bees.

Multi Flora Honey is multiple flavour honey that has been collected from Indian forest regions which are far away from urban areas and free from pollution, pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals.
Natural honey tends to crystallize which may occur in every type of honey. The crystallisation of honey is a complete Natural process.
The crystals prove the high quality of the Natural honey and have not been processed. It means nutritious pollen and necessary enzymes have not been damaged by pasteurization.
The crystallisation is influenced by lower temperature less than 12-degree centigrade, time and frequency in which the honey is stirred.
Crystallised honey can be made slippery smooth by warming the jar in warm water but the temperature does not exceed 35-degree centigrade.


Note:- One should Never do this in a microwave oven as this will overheat the honey and destroy all nutritious enzymes and vitamins.


How Honey Bees make RAW HONEY

Bees collect the sweet nectar & pollen from flowers within a radius of around 4 miles and this nectar will then be taken to the hive (honeycombs).
This nectar has moisture of around 70%.
The bees have glands that draw a bee enzyme and organic acid. Nectar is mixed with the bee enzyme and the nectar is passed from one bee to another to enrich with more bee enzyme, and the excess water is partially withdrawn.
The moisture content is reduced to around 18% and now Honey is formed and this is fully ripened honey.
Once the honey is ripe, the bees seal the honeycomb with a wax lid.
After this natural process is completed. The beekeeper recognizes fully ripened honey by the wax lid covering the honeycombs. When the hives feel nice and heavy, and the honeycomb is completely sealed, the beekeeper will begin collecting the honey.
The next step is Sieving the Honey.
The honey is sieved by the traditional method to remove wax bits, large lumps of pollen and other impurities. The smaller particles of pollen and the necessary enzymes remain inside the honey.
The ripening process
The honey is left to sit in a closed container for 4 to 6 days. All foreign particles get settle down and air bubbles rise at the surface. After removing the layer of foam from the surface, we get a crystal clear honey.



  • No Added Sugar
  • No Corn Syrup
  • No Wheat Syrup
  • No Rice Syrup
  • No Antibiotics
  • UnPasteurised
  • UnHeated
  • UnFiltered

Benefits of Natural Raw Honey

  • Natural Raw Honey contains several antioxidant enzymes including glucose oxidase, catalase, ascorbic acid, flavonoids, phenolic acids, organic acids, amino acids and proteins, which reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer, cataracts and ageing process.
  • Natural Raw Honey contains antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Natural Raw Honey promotes melatonin hormone, which is responsible for deep sleeping.
  • Natural Raw Honey improves good cholesterol HDL levels and lowers the bad cholesterol LDL & triglyceride levels, which keeps our heart healthy.
  • The Glycemic Index (GI) of honey is lower i.e 54-59 than the GI of sugar i.e. 105 that means it produces a lower blood glucose level in our body, helping to burn fat and avoid weight gain.
  • Natural Raw Honey enhances our immunity power, brain growth and digestive enzyme efficiency.
  • Natural Raw Honey decreases oxidative stress in our brain and helps to reduce constipation.
  • Natural Raw Honey is good for sore throat treatment.
  • Natural Raw Honey is rich in vitamin C, B2, B3, B5, B6 and minerals like Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc.
  • Natural Raw Honey is a good healing agent for burns and also a good antiseptic agent.



  • It can be mixed in slight hot tea or milk instead of sugar.
  • It can be consumed directly with one or two teaspoons as it is every day.
  • It can be used as a natural sweetener in sweet dishes instead of sugar.       



  • Honey has many medicinal properties but it can also turn dangerous if it is mixed with wrong ingredients which are not compatible with honey and produce toxic compounds & cause a health problem.
  • Do not mix ghee & honey in equal quantities.
  • Do not combine radish and honey.
  • Do not add honey to non-vegetarian food.
  • Do not add honey to boiling water.


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