• 09 Dec 20

Trueway farms Gir Cow Desi A2 Cultured Bilona Ghee

We have to be sure that there is no compromise with purity in our products. Here we share the process of how we get Gir Cow Desi Ghee. 1. We Collect golden tinge sweet milk from Gir Cow and then curdle it in a clay pot. 2. Leaving it over night, Curd is processed by hand churning (shaking) after adding water. It turns into buttermilk. 3. During hand churning process, creamy material (Makhan) floats at surface of buttermilk. 4. We collect the creamy material (Makhan) and then boil on slow flame to make Trueway farms Gir Cow Desi (A2) Cultured (Bilona) Ghee.



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